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Flowplus is a partner for customers operating in the industry and water supply sectors. Our service concept is designed to improve comprehensive life cycle management of our customers’ assets.
Flowplus was founded in 2012, but because of acquisitions our personnel have decades of experience in the field. Our expertise comes from long-standing, traditional companies that have offered various maintenance services regionally. Flowplus has brought together all this expertise and is now providing a wide service network and versatile professional competence all around Finland.
We provide turnkey maintenance services for pumps, pumping stations, electric motors, valves, industrial fans, and other machines. Our optimized asset management services include audits, stock optimization and replacement services for machines and devices.
We provide also condition monitoring services with reports and analysis of customers’ processes and machines.
Flowplus manufactures spare parts for valves, pumps, and other machines at our workshops in Tampere and Pietarsaari. Manufacturing is done according to the existing part or drawings. We are a reliable and professional partner for our customers in all maintenance in our field.
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  • Jarmo Piippo founds Flowplus Oy and works as the company’s CEO. Company is owned by Jarmo Piippo and the funds managed by Teknoventure Management Oy and Wedeco Management Oy.

    Flowplus Oy acquires two companies, Pumppuhuolto Nikula Oy and JMJ Käämintä Oy

    In 2013, Flowplus Oy expands its operations by acquisitions of Sähkö-Alila Oy in Kotka, Power Plant Service Oy in Pori and Tampereen Sähkökonekorjaamo Oy in Tampere. At the same time another valve maintenance workshop is established in Kotka.

  • Flowplus Oy establishes a new workshop in the city of Porvoo. Industrial operations grow significantly.

    In 2015, all subsidiaries are merged into Flowplus Oy. Flowplus is now operating in 6 different cities. A common information system is introduced to support the operational maintenance business.

  • In 2016, through an MBO the company is owned by the management with Jarmo Piippo as the major shareholder. In addition, the companys’ key personnel are invited to become shareholders.

    The board is strengthened with members outside the company. In 2017, Lakers Holding Ab becomes a shareholder with a 25 % share. During the same year Flowplus Oy acquires JS Pietarsaari Oy and its subsidiary Armatek Oy in Tampere. The machine workshop business is significantly strengthened by these acquisitions.

  • Juuri Partners redeems the shares of Lakers Holding and brings in additional capital becoming a shareholder with a 39 % share. Flowplus Oy grows through three more acquisitions: Pumtek Oy, MDA Service Oy, P-Step Oy.

    Flowplus Oy acquires the maintenance and project services business of Lining Oy Lappeenranta in 2019. Mari Puukko is appointed as the first CFO of Flowplus Oy.

  • In 2020, Flowplus Oy acquires the electric motor maintenance services business of Quant Finland Oy in Rauma and operates now in 11 cities. Later in 2021, Flowplus Oy acquires the maintenance and rental services business Xylem Water Solutions Suomi Oy. At the same year Kokkola service center is opened.

    Flowplus has over 170 employees and turnover exceeds over 20 million euros for the first time.

  • Petteri Särkiniemi is appointed as the new CEO of Flowplus Oy, as of 1st of January 2022. Flowplus grows organically 13 %. Significant progress is made in the development of occupational safety.


There are Flowplus professionals all over Finland. We provide technicians, welders, machine installers and other specialists that are important for our customers. Our personnel provide maintenance services effortlessly and with solid expertise.
Our service centers are located 12 cities around the country. We provide maintenance and repair services in our service centers as well as on site safely and effectively.
Our vehicles are well-equipped mobile work units, and we carry a comprehensive range of most common spare parts and tools. We can store the most important parts and machines of the process on behalf of our customers, so maintenance is always efficient and quick.


We take pride in the quality of our work and its high-standard. We use quality system certified by DNV Oy. We educate our personnel continuously to provide our customers the latest knowhow. We care for our personnels wellbeing and safety. Our all mechanics have a valid occupational safety card and hot work certificate. We as a company care about our customers as well as our personnel.


We want to be committed to the principles of sustainable development, and we do not seek short-term benefits. We understand our responsibility and long-term benefits. We want to create a fair, healthy, and safe work environment. A work environment in which everyone can perform their job with high quality and improve their competence. Flowplus Oy is committed to comply with laws and regulations.  Environment and locality are considered in all operations.




Jani Tuliniemi



COO, Water Supply

Mari Puukko





COO, Industry